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Children worldwide, are suffering from severe hunger.

The deadly combination of conflict, climate-induced extreme weather, natural disasters, and the subsequent mass displacement of people are all affecting food supplies.

We have had multiple catastrophes occurring this year already, from the earthquakes displacing millions in Türkiye and Syria, to conflict in Sudan forcing a mass exodus to neighbouring countries.

Whilst the long-term hunger crises continue in Yemen, Syria and in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh.

It’s time to act. It’s time to provide the essentials to those facing crisis.

Please support children facing starvation. Donate now, to provide the essential food needed to keep children alive.

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  • Could feed a family for one month

  • Could feed two family for three weeks

  • Could feed three families for one month


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  • Over one year, could feed a vulnerable family for five weeks.

  • Over one year, could feed a vulnerable family for two months.

  • Over one year, could feed a vulnerable family for three months.

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