The Direct Debit Guarantee

This is a guarantee provided by your own Bank as a Member of the Direct Debit Scheme, in which Banks and Originators of Direct Debits participate.

If you authorise payment by Direct Debit, then
• Your Direct Debit Originator will notify you in advance of the amounts to be debited to your account.
• Your Bank will accept and pay such debits, provided that your account has sufficient available funds.

If it is established that an unauthorised Direct Debit was charged to your account, you are guaranteed an immediate refund by your Bank of the amount so charged where you notify your Bank without undue delay on becoming aware of the unauthorised Direct Debit, and in any event no later than 13 months after the date of debiting of such Direct Debit to your account. You are entitled to request a refund of any Variable Direct Debit which exceeded the amount which you could reasonably have expected, subject to you so requesting your Bank within a period of 8 weeks from the date of debiting such Direct Debit to your account. You can instruct your Bank to refuse a Direct Debit payment by writing in good time to your Bank. You can cancel the Direct Debit Instruction by writing in good time to your Bank.