Sowda, a young mother-of-five, has seen her children cry from hunger during this crisis. Her baby daughter was diagnosed with malnutrition. The family has gone two days at a time without food. She is suffering through the worst drought East Africa has seen in decades.

Please donate what you can, to provide emergency cash transfers. This is the fastest way to provide aid - by supplying families with credit at their local food store or market they can purchase food immediately. It also respects their dignity and honours their agency during this crisis. Parents are given the ability to choose the foods that suit their family best.

23 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan are facing unimaginable suffering. Families desperately need your help right now.

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  • Could provide emergency cash transfers to two families, enabling them to purchase food immediately from local markets and shops.

  • Could provide cash transfers to four families, preserving their dignity and honouring their agency to purchase their own food.

  • Could provide an emergency cash transfers to eight families, enabling them to purchase and cook wholesome meals.

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