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Despite Yemen being one of the least discussed countries, it is currently facing the world's most severe humanitarian crisis. One in every two people, primarily women and girls, are just one step away from famine.

War significantly affects young girls and women, exacerbating the challenges they face and making their lives almost impossible.

Families in Yemen urgently need humanitarian aid, and unfortunately women and girls suffer the most.

Together with our supporters, we urgently need to get displacement kits to Yemen. We must create a safer environment for women, once they have been forced by conflict to flee their homes.

Please donate today to support the women and girls of Yemen.

Your support today can provide equality, dignity and hope during a time of crisis.

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  • Could provide two women and their families with a hygiene kit immediately after fleeing conflict.

  • Could supply a displacement kit to two female-headed households who have been forced to flee.

  • Could provide a cash transfer to mother, enabling her to rebuild her livelihood after losing everything during conflict.

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