Since the collapse of the ceasefire on October 2nd of this year, Yemen has fallen back into the trap of conflict. Now, parents are facing the struggle through a bitter winter, displaced yet again from their homes.

Life in Marib Camp focuses only on survival. Soaring food prices have now led to mass hunger, and Mofadal’s familywere amongst those directly affected by the inflated price of food. Both of his children have been recently diagnosed with malnutrition.

Marib Camp is in a remote location with an extremely challenging environment. Temperatures can soar in the daytime but fall close to freezing at night. The canvas tents in the camp offer little protection from the chilly winter nights.

The misery Mofadal has watched his children endure would be unbearable for any father. Trying to put them down to sleep while they shiver is a heart-wrenching process.

But you can provide a survival kit that can ensure families like Mofadal’s are equipped to endure this bitter winter.

Your winter survival kit contains cash for food, warming clothing and blankets, a jerry can for water storage, hygiene items and a voucher for fuel.

Together, we can help the people of Yemen through this winter season. Please give a gift and support the people of Yemen this Christmas.

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  • Could provide one family with a winter survival kit. These kits provide access to essential food, winter clothing and fuel.

  • Could provide two vulnerable families with a winter survival kit. Kits include essentials such as clothes, food and fuel.

  • Could provide four families with a winter survival kit. Please share essential food, clothing, and fuel this Christmas.

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