It’s a simple, but painful, truth.

Too many people around the world are suffering.

From conflict, earthquakes and drought, from desperate poverty and inequality.

But I know another truth: wonderful people, like you, care.

And your care means everything.

Because of you, Oxfam Ireland can help provide shelter, food, and clean water to people who don’t even have those basics. And we can work toward solutions that not only help in the moment, but that change the systems and structures that lead to so much pain.

Thank you for your kindness and for your support of Oxfam Ireland.

We’re proud to work with you, to help the people who need us the most around the world.

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  • A gift of €50 could provide hygiene items like soap to help communities avoid deadly diseases.

  • €100 could supply two families with a vegetable parcel to ensure displaced families have access to healthy, nutritious food.

  • €200 could provide winterisation kits, which include clothing and blankets to protect children from freezing temperatures.


Give Monthly

  • Over one year, could feed a vulnerable family for five weeks.

  • Over one year, could feed a vulnerable family for two months.

  • Over one year, could feed a vulnerable family for three months.

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Oxfam Ireland is a registered charity in Ireland: 20009946 & Northern Ireland: 89651.
We're a member of the international confederation Oxfam.

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